Turfgrass Management

Many businesses have large, open and often unused areas that must be maintained. These areas generally do not have improved turf. They either become unsightly and detract from the overall appearance of the business, or they are maintained by regular mowing and reduce the company’s profitability. Cost effective turfgrass management is the key to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing site while improving the overall profitability of the company.

Turfgrass Weed Control and Growth Regulation

The goal of NaturChem’s Turf Management Program is to create a consistent turf that is essentially weed free and uniform in height. Accomplishing this in a cost-effective manner improves the appearance and profitability of the company. NaturChem does this by making selective weed control applications that remove unsightly and tall broadleaf weeds and undesirable grasses.

The removal of faster growing and taller weeds improves the appearance and reduces the need for mowing unimproved turf areas. Mowing cycles can be further reduced by the application of plant growth regulators. In most cases, these PGRs can be applied with the selective weed control application. The addition of PGRs to the weed control application often results in the elimination of several mowing cycles. On more difficult areas such as steep slopes and rights of way; brush vines, weeds and unwanted grasses can be removed, eliminating the need to mow these areas.

In some situations, our program will extend to include other services such as mowing, fertilization, over-seeding, and insect control.

Benefits of Turf Management

NaturChem’s Turf Management programs benefit our customers and the public in many ways. Maintaining unimproved areas by mowing is almost always more costly than our turf management program. One application of weed control and PGRs will replace several cycles of mowing.

Our turf management program improves the aesthetic appeal of our customers’ sites. The overall appearance of unimproved turf areas is better when unsightly weeds and grasses have been eliminated.

Quality turf management programs provide better and more stable ground cover and reduce the likelihood of soil disturbances that result in ruts. It is safer than mechanical maintenance and provides longer lasting results.

Typical Sites Benefited by Turfgrass Management

Any site with large or relatively large areas of unimproved turf is a likely to benefit from a Turfgrass Management program. Some of the markets that have been improved by this program include:

Commercial Sites
Industrial Sites
Golf Courses
Roadside Rights of Way
Utility Rights of Way
Ditch Banks