Cutting, Clearing, Mowing, Mulching

Before you can manage a right of way, develop a commercial property, build a road or do almost anything, you must first clear the land. Sometimes the tallest trees are right where you need a parking lot. NaturChem provides all types of mechanical vegetation cutting, clearing, mulching and mowing. In many different settings. These services are necessary for roadway visibility, storm water functionality, pre-construction clearing, under-brush clearing and much more.

Experience, Capabilities, Equipment and Methods

NaturChem Inc has been proudly serving pipelines, railroads, state DOTs, energy transmission clients, commercial businesses, sewer companies, and many more.  We utilize well maintained specialized equipment to provide these services in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

Uses and Locations

Over the years, we have assisted business, industry, government and individuals by providing cutting, clearing and mulching services for:

 Reclaiming overgrown rights of way in the petroleum industry
 Building and reclaiming rights of way in the electric utility industry
 Reclaiming and maintaining rights of way for federal, state and local highways
 Reclaiming and maintaining private roads
 Building and maintaining trails
 Clearing land to build houses
 Cleaning up behind timber harvesters
 Clearing and maintain drainage ditches
 Clearing and maintaining stormwater ponds
 Clearing and maintaining fence-line perimeters
 Clearing and maintaining water and sewer rights of ways

Construction and Installation

ECO Group provides construction and installation of certain types of Storm Water Management Systems. We can also meet all of your Pre-Construction Erosion Control needs as well as any post-construction maintenance and repairs. ECO Group is committed to our customers, our quality, and our environment.

Audit and Consultation

ECO Group offers audit and consultation services to ensure your stormwater facilities are compliant with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The NPDES was created in 1972 under the Clean Water Act. It is responsible for controlling and regulating point sources of discharge of pollutants to water sources. NPDES main goal is to maintain, protect, and restore water quality. We perform the audit inspections using NPDES guidelines and will share our findings, along with recommendations with our clients. Recommendations might include a summary of necessary repairs and an ongoing maintenance program.


Bio-retention is an up-land water quality and quantity control practice which uses the chemical biological and physical properties of plants, microbes, and soils for removal of pollutants from storm water runoff. Some of the processes that may take place in a bio-retention facility include: sedimentation, absorption, filtration, decomposition, and storage capacity. Bio-Retention facilities can be distributed across a development site which can result in smaller and more manageable sub-watersheds that aid in controlling runoff close to its source. ECO Group provides complete analysis, support, installation and maintenance of Bio-Retention systems for our clients.