Brush Control

Chemical brush control is the use of herbicides to manage undesirable woody stemmed species. Some of these species are fast growing and can interfere with utility lines and prevent access to rights-of-way in emergencies. Left unchecked, this vegetation could potentially endanger utility service to critical care facilities and consumers. Traditionally, mechanical methods have been employed to cut back brush and noxious weeds. Unfortunately, this type of vegetation control is only a temporary solution.

The brush resprouts with more stems, a larger root system and a bulkier stump. Ironically, the result is actually a healthier plant. While much energy is expended on mechanical methods to manage brush vegetation, the truth is that these efforts are costly, unsafe, temporary and environmentally unsound.

Brush Control & Utilities:
Wherever electric utilities generate and distribute power, vegetation must be managed. NaturChem has successfully provided weed and brush programs for the utilities industry since 1987. Each year, NaturChem treats and manages thousands of miles of electric transmission and distribution rights-of- way. Additionally, gas, water, petroleum, telecommunication companies and municipalities contract with us to control brush in rightsof- way, easements and ditches. We offer our clients a variety of herbicide application methods including tractors, fourwheelers, trucks, back packs, flotation equipment … whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our Programs Include:

  • Guaranteed Results (we certify a 95% root kill)
  • Innovative Pricing Methodologies
  • Custom Designed Mixes
  • Daily Records

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