Aquatic Weed Control

Many different aquatic plants can be found in, on and around ponds. These plants range from microscopic organisms known as plankton algae which drift suspended in the water, to larger plants which root themselves to the bottom of the pond. Certain types of aquatic plants are actually helpful for fish production. However, aquatic plants that interfere with the balance of nature in a pond are considered to be weeds.

NaturChem utilizes Air Boats, floatation tracked vehicles and conventional boats to access lakes, ponds and shallow areas. All applications are made with aquatic herbicides that are labeled environmentally sound, precise and effective.

NaturChem has the professional knowledge and expertise to help you identify a wide variety of aquatic weeds and control them. NaturChem also has the necessary equipment and herbicides to effectively control vegetation in your lakes, ponds, or canals.

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