X-Out 41 Plus™


Short Description

X-Out™ is a liquid soluble, non-selective herbicide for application as a foliar spray for the control of a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds. X-Out is only foliar-active with little or no activity in the soil. Weeds that emerge after application will not be controlled. Uniform, thorough spray coverage is necessary to achieve consistent weed control. Necrosis of leaves and young shoots occur within 2 to 4 days after application under good growing conditions.

Rainfall or irrigation occurring within 4 hours after application may reduce effectiveness. Heavy rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may wash the chemical off the foliage and a repeat treatment may be required.

Product Documents

Detailed Description

    • More than 2X the AI as Finale® herbicide
    • Provides control of a wide variety of emerged annual and perennial weeds, grasses, and woody brush
    • Effective pre-plant treatment for turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses due to minimal soil residual
    • Reduced translocation enables the ability to create and maintain clear boundaries around golf turf, sand traps, and athletic fields and accurate application areas around existing ornamentals in landscape beds
    • Excellent rotation herbicide for managing existing or developing resistance issues
    • X-Out with glufosinate does not provide residual weed control

Labeled Uses

      • Golf courses – along cart paths, around sign and light posts, and around sand traps
      • Landscape areas -around individual trees and shrubs, landscape beds, foundations, fences, driveways,
        paths, and parking areas
      • Roadsides, fence rows
      • Utility rights-of-way
      • Railways
      • Schools, educational facilities
      • Industrial areas


Active Ingredient Glufosinate
% Active Ingredient 24.5%
Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Chemical Family Group 10 Herbicides
Formulation Professional Product
Signal Word Warning

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