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Turf Marker Blue SC Select™ is a versatile, easy-to-use, non-toxic colorant for turf and ornamental, aquatic, industrial, municipal, utility, and rights-of-way applications of liquid pesticides and fertilizers. Shows applicators where they have sprayed and will help avoid costly oversprays and skips. Dissipates quickly in wet and dry weather and mixes completely with water-soluble pesticides and fertilizers without affecting chemical efficacy.

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Prime Source Turf Marker Blue will reduce both costly waste and unsightly skips with a visual indicator. Utilizing an indicator dye in your tank mix can save you time and money by quickly identifying treated areas while also alerting you to ongoing equipment failure. While liquid dyes present ample opportunity for spills and splashback, Prime Source Turf Marker Blue provides you with complete control during both the measuring and mixing process. Simply tip to measure the desired amount of granules in the attached measurement compartment, and then pour into the tank. Accidental spills are quickly and easily contained by vacuuming or sweeping any spilled granules before they come into contact with water to avoid unsightly stains.

The Prime Source Turf Marker Blue is mainly used for turf, ornamental, industrial, aquatic, utility, municipal areas. It is a non-toxic colorant marker for turf that shows where pesticides and fertilizers are applied. This colorant helps in showing the applications to prevent any skips and over-sprays in one area. It is completely compatible with other water-soluble pesticides and fertilizers, avoiding any use of chemicals. The product quickly blends and spread on turf areas due to moisture and sunlight, making it an effective tool to use whenever needed.

Tank mixes including, but not limited to:

  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers
Active Ingredient Blue dye – 90%
Application Boom, spot gun, handheld, and other standard spray equipment.
Formulation Liquid
EPA Registration N/A; Food-grade components
Restricted Use None
Signal Word None
Manufacturer Prime Source

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