Triclopyr 4


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2.5 Gallon – Post Emergent Selective Herbicide

  • Control of Woody Plants, Annuals and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds
  • Use in Forests, Grass Pastures, Rangeland, CRP acres, Rights-of-Way, Non-Crop Areas, Ornamental Turf, Industrial Sites and Non-Irrigation Ditch Banks
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Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer is manufactured by Alligare and is a systemic selective herbicide used to eliminate trees, brush, and woody plants from various types of landscapes. It is ideally used to thin out forests, clear grass pastures, rangelands, and public highways.

Triclopyr 4 works systemically, absorbing through the leaves and roots of the plants and interfering with their growth. When trees or broadleaf weeds are obstructing the view of roads, slowing down a construction project, or crowding a residential area, applying Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer can be a useful solution.

Active Ingredient Triclopyr Р61.6%
Target Salt Cedar, Canada Thistle, Mustard, Purple Loosestrife, Gallberry, Wax Myrtle, Blackberry, and other woody plants, and annual and perennial broadleaf weeds.
For Use In Forests, Grass Pastures, Rangeland, CRP acres, Rights-of-Way, and in Non-Crop Areas and Ornamental Turf, Industrial Sites, and Non-Irrigation Ditch Banks.
Formulation Oil Soluble Ester Formulation

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