Taurus SC Termiticide


Short Description
  • Up to four (4) applications per year at the 0.03% dilution rate for outside surfaces and along the foundation perimeter of listed structures
  • 10-year Promises of Protection warranty
  • Exterior Perimeter/Localized Interior (EP/LI) Language
  • Labeled for barrier applications targeting occasional invaders around structures
  • For pre and post-construction termite applications
  • Labeled for perimeter pest applications
  • Outside use only
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Detailed Description

TAURUS® SC is a water-based suspension concentrate of 9.1% Fipronil that controls a wide variety of insect pests. Taurus SC is a non-repellent insecticide that is undetectable to target pests, allowing them to touch, ingest and spread the insecticide throughout the entire colony.

Active Ingredient 9.1% Fipronil
Target Pests Termites, Ants, Beetles, Spiders, Boxelder Bugs, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, House Crickets, Silverfish and more
For Use In OUTDOOR USE ONLY:  Pre and post-construction, basements, crawl spaces, hollow masonry voids of foundations and porches, and more
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed, safe around pets when used OUTSIDE only
EPA Registration 53883-279


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