Taurus Dry Precision Delivery System Starter Kit


Short Description
  • For exclusive use with the Precision Delivery System
  • Effective against all species of drywood and subterranean termites
  • Fast-acting
  • Non-repellent
  • Fipronil-based formulation
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Detailed Description

Taurus Dry Precision Delivery System Starter Kit includes a hand-held micro duster that precisely delivers small amounts of dry flowable formulations into cracks, crevices, and voids. It allows baits to penetrate hard-to-reach areas. Because it is targeted, it saves both time and money. Its efficient, low-waste delivery system gives off a professional touch. You can carry it around and use it both indoors and outdoors.

Active Ingredient .05% Fipronil
Target Pests All species of Drywood and Subterranean termites
For Use In Voids, termite nests, utility poles, railroad trestles, galleries, inaccessible areas of buildings, fencing, piers, shelter tubes, trees, decking materials, beams, other structural or landscape timbers where termite activity is observed.
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed
EPA Registration 53883-476


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