Short Description
  • Reduces the growth of grasses, reducing your time with mowing
  • Mixes with water completely, and it can be used with other pesticides and liquid fertilizers.Minimizes the need for edging of turfgrass along sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, driveways, flower beds, fences and around posts, storage sheds, and trees
Product Documents

Detailed Description

T-Nex is a micro-emulsion concentrate used to manage growth and improve the quality and stress tolerance of warm and cool-season turf grasses. Improves rich color, lateral stems, and root mass development. Inhibits vertical shoot growth. Helps produce healthy, durable blades in turf grass.

Active Ingredient 12% Trinexapac-ethyl
Target Pests Bahiagrass, Fescue, Bentgrass, Kikuyugrass, Bermudagrass, Annual bluegrass (Poa annua), Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Buffalograss, St. Augustinegrass, Carpetgrass, Zoysiagrass
For Use In Commercial & Residential Turf-grass: Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Sports Fields, Difficult-to-Mow areas
Pet Safe Yes, if used as directed
EPA Registration 53883-353