Pramitol 25E


Short Description
  • Non-selective pre and post-emergent bare ground herbicide concentrate
  • Where applied, nothing will grow for one year or longer when used as directed
  • Controls hard to kill Johnson grass, Bindweed, and many more
  • One quart treats up to 2,500 square feet
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Detailed Description

Pramitol is a non-selective post-emergent bare ground herbicide that acts as a soil sterilant preventing plant growth for up to 1 year from application.

Active Ingredient 25% Prometon
Target Pests Johnsongrass, Bindweed, annual weeds or grasses, perennial weeds or grasses, downy bromegrass, oatgrass, goosegrass, quackgrass, puncturevine, goldenrod, plantain, wild carrot, goldenrod, other hard to control weeds and grasses
For Use In Buildings, fences, recreational areas, fuel tanks, roadways, airports, highway medians, pipelines, and more
EPA Registration 66222-22


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