Pendant SC


Short Description

Product comes in a one-gallon jug

  • Triggers fungal spores to rapidly absorb water until they explode
  • Derived from a naturally occurring anti-fungal compound of soil bacteria
  • Broad-spectrum control of several key turf diseases
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Detailed Description

Pendant SC is powered by the naturally occurring active ingredient, fludioxonil. This product delivers reliable, broad-spectrum control of several key turf diseases including snow mold, anthracnose, and bentgrass deadspot.

Active Ingredient 11.8% fludioxonil
Target Pests Brown patch, leafspot, anthracnose, gray leafspot, bentgrass deadspot, pink and gray snow mold
For Use In Golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sod farms, sport fields, parks, municipal grounds, and cemeteries
Pet Safe Yes, if used as directed
EPA Registration 53883-477


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