Malathion 57%


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  • Highly concentrated insecticide to protect crops and vegetation from planet-destroying insects
  • Kills insects by damaging their nervous system for a quick kill
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Malathion 57% is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 5 lbs. of Malathion per gallon. This product is an organophosphate insecticide that can be applied to crop and non-crop plants or trees to kill various insects.

Active Ingredient 57% Malathion
Target Pests Aphids, Flies, Grasshoppers, Leafhoppers, Spider Mites, Stink Bugs, Armyworms, Weevils, Thrips and others, and more
For Use In Vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamentals, trees, pastures, and more
EPA Registration 279-3607-53883


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