Ike’s Sandbur and Crabgrass Preventer


Short Description

Product comes in a one-quart bottle

  • Superior pre-emergent control of grassy and broadleaf weeds
  • Controls more than 40 various hard-to-kill weeds and grasses
  • Can be used on residential, golf course, and commercial turf
  • Easy to use with convenient tip and measuring packaging
Product Documents

Detailed Description

Sandbur and Crabgrass Preventer provides outstanding pre-emergent control of over 20 broadleaf and 20 plus grassy weeds in your landscape, turf, and ornamental planting areas. This product targets hard to control weeds before they emerge such as crabgrass, sandbur, chickweed, and more. Sandbur and Crabgrass Preventer is an excellent tank-mix partner with post-emergent herbicides to provide additional control.
Active Ingredient Pendimethalin – 38.7%
Target Pests Barnyardgrass, Chickweed, Corn Speedwell, Crabgrass,, Cudweed, Evening Primrose, Fall Panicum, Foxtail, Goosegrass, Hop Clover, Henbit, Knotweed, Lawn Burweed, Oxalis, Poa annua, Prostrate Spurge, Purslane, Sandbur.
For Use In Turf – residential, golf courses, and commercial spaces; landscape and grounds maintenance; ornamental plantings and tree plantations including noncropland areas.
Pet Safe Yes, if used as directed
EPA Registration 70506-230-89442