HY-END Wasp, Hornet, Bee & Ant Spray


Short Description

Kill Wasps, Hornets, and Bees Immediately With This Fast-Acting HY-End Spray Guaranteed!

16 ounce can

  • Highly effective utility spray
  • For all types of flying insects such as wasp, bees, hornets
  • Sprays up 20ft with an instant knockdown
  • Prevents renesting
  • Non Corrosive and nonconducive formulation
  • Dielectric breakdown voltage of 40,600
  • Kills nest and insects with residual action
  • Horn sprayer with recessed spray button for added safety
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Detailed Description

HY-END Wasp, Hornet, Bee, & Ant spray gives you the safety of a 20-foot spray jet with on-contact knockdown power.  This spray is highly effective for all types of flying insects including wasps, bees, hornets, and many more. It also provides protection from renesting to help eliminate the problem area.

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