HY-END Rodent Slayer Pellets


Short Description

1 bucket of 128/.05 oz place pack pellets

  • Highly effective neurotoxin
  • Attacks the nervous system within 24hrs.
  • Oat based and highly palatable for mice and rodents
  • Low dosage rate allows for NO secondary kill to other animals
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Detailed Description

Rodent Slayer Pellets are the perfect rat repellent. They kill Norway Rats, Roof Rats, Cotton Rats, Polynesian Rats, House Mice, Eastern Harvest Mice, Golden Mice, and Meadow Voles. Also, they are effective for anticoagulant-resistant Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and House Mice.

Treatment Areas: Determine areas where rats, mice, or meadow voles will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these areas are along walls, gnawed openings, in corners and concealed places, between floors and walls, or in locations where signs of these rodents have been seen.

Apply 2 to 12 packs at each location. Space the placements at intervals of 15 to 30 feet in infested areas. Similarly, apply 1 pack at each placement location for mice and meadow voles. Space the placements at intervals of 8 to 12 feet.  You may use up to four packs at points of very high mouse or meadow vole activity.

Active Ingredient: Bromethalin

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