Halo 75WDG Select™


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Sold in a case of ten 1.33 oz Bottles

Halo 75 WDG Select™ is a selective, post-emergent herbicide formulated specifically to kill nutsedge and other broadleaf weeds without injury to turfgrasses, established ornamentals, shrubs, or trees. Can be used in both warm-season and cool-season turfgrasses, landscaped areas, and other listed non-crop sites.

Halo 75 WDG Select should be applied post-emergence to turf and landscape ornamental areas where weeds are an issue and actively growing. This product is generally regarded as gentle to labeled turfgrasses, both cool and warm-season types, and they should be well established before application occurs. Not for use on edible plants or gardens.


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Detailed Description

  • Post-emergent control of yellow and purple nutsedge
  • Suppresses annual and green kyllinga
  • Suppresses tough broadleaf weeds such as horsetail and ragweed
  • Low use rates – .66 to 1.33 oz/A
  • Can be tank-mixed with non-ionic surfactants for improved penetration


  • Residential and commercial turfgrass
  • Established woody ornamentals in landscape areas
  • Golf course turf
  • Sports turf
  • Public recreation areas
  • School grounds
  • Roadsides
  • Sod farms and non-crop industrial sites

Active Ingredient Halosulfuron-methyl
% Active Ingredient 75%
Formulation Water Dispersible Granule
Chemical Family Sulfonylurea; Group 2 herbicide
Brand Alternative Sedgehammer®
Signal Word Caution

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