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2.5 Gallon – Specialty Herbicide

Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide is the industry standard for herbicide control. Made by Dow AgroSciences, this product keeps right-of-ways, roadsides, and other noncrop sites clear of unwanted weeds. Using triclopyr as its active ingredient, Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide controls 80 different plants that other methods of control would have a difficult time dealing with. Just follow one of the varied applications, from basal, cut-stump, or stem treatments, to get rid of the problem plants. Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide uses a plant-based solvent that follows all of the new environmental regulations that make other petroleum-based products unusable. It is also less toxic to non-target plants and has a milder smell than other herbicides.

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Reduced environmental impact

  • GarlonĀ® 4 Ultra herbicide features a patented, nonpetroleum-based, plant-derived seed oil solvent that helps reduce environmental impact.

Proven brush control

  • Garlon 4 Ultra demonstrates increased efficacy on multiple woody species, including mesquite, sweetgum, and Scotch broom compared with other formulations of triclopyr ester.

Flexible application window

  • Garlon 4 Ultra has an increased application window that allows crews to work year-round, including the dormant season.
Active Ingredient Triclopyr, butoxyethyl ester 60.45%
Target Pests 55 woody plants and more than 25 tough-to-control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in noncrop areas
– High-anxiety woody species – Cherry, loblolly pine, mesquite, red oak, sweetgum, and Scotch broom
– Problem vegetation – alder, ash, birch, blackberry, ceanothus, chinquapin, clover, dandelion, dogwood, elm, kudzu, maple, oak, poison ivy, ragweed, wild violet, and other brush and broadleaf weeds
* See label for a complete list
For Use In Roadsides, railroads, pipelines, industrial sites, forests, grazing areas, and rights-of-way such as power lines
– establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings and can be used on sites that include grazed areas
* See label for a complete list
Application Basal, Dormant-stem, Cut-stump, Cut-stubble, Hack-and-squirt, and Injection applications
* See label for complete application instructions
Formulation Professional Product

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