Garlon 3A


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2.5 Gallon – Specialty Herbicide

  • Superior woody plant and broadleaf weed control
  • Maintains integrity of roadsides and rights-of-way.
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Garlon 3A Specialty Herbicide delivers enhanced performance on unwanted vegetation along roadsides, industrial rights-of-way, and similar noncrop sites. The patented formulation helps ensure the continued availability of the active ingredient triclopyr for professional right-of-way vegetation management.

Active Ingredient 44.4% Triclopyr Triethylamine Salt
Target Garlon 3A is selective to warm and cool-season rights-of-way grasses, including fescue, brome, and native grass species.
For Use In Foliar applications as well as applications to emerged weeds and brush in standing water or on banks and shores of ponds or lakes found on rights-of-way or production forests

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