Flumioxazin 51 WDG


Short Description
  • Controls more than 90 annual broadleaf and grass weeds, including marestail, fleabane, mallow, filaree, annual ryegrass and other annual grasses
  • Offers residual control in tree fruit, nut and grapes to keep weeds clear for months
  • No leaching or volatilization
  • At least ¼ inch rainfall or irrigation required to release activity
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Detailed Description

Flumioxazin WDG Herbicide takes out tough weeds with long-lasting residual control of more than 90 weeds. Flumioxazin WDG stays where you put it; it won’t leach or volatilize. Plus, Flumioxazin WDG offers excellent rotational flexibility. For excellent reliability, proven crop safety and dependable control in various weather conditions, count on Flumioxazin.