Azoxy 50 WDG


Short Description

Azoxy 50 WDG is a highly systemic fungicide that provides control of both foliar and soil-borne turf diseases. Prevents spore germination and eliminates existing infections.

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Detailed Description

Azoxy 50 WDG Fungicide is a broad scope preventive fungicide that targets most of the toughest plant diseases in turf and ornamentals. It is formulated with systemic and curative properties that prevent soil-borne foliar diseases, spore germination, and many fungal infections. Azoxy offers a complete root-to-leaf distribution with constant delivery for even dispersion to new growth. It gives a greater degree of root uptake when compared to other strobilurins. Azoxy ensures continuous protection for up to 28 days.

Active Ingredient Azoxystrobin 50%
Target Pests Brown patch, fairy ring, leaf spot, yellow patch, and others
For Use In Commercial & Residential: Turf & Ornamentals: Lawns, Landscaping areas, Parks, Recreational areas, Athletic Fields, Golf Courses
EPA Registration 53883-343-89442