Avenger Weed Killer


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Avenger’s Organic Weed Killer Concentrate is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide that quickly and effectively kills weeds, grasses, and broadleaves. It is approved for Use in Organic Gardening by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) Rule.

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Detailed Description

Agrisel Avenger RTU is an organic weed killer that naturally controls both grassy weeds and broadleaves in just a few hours. An oil-based herbicide that is proven to be effective in only one spray. It contains citrus oil that is made from the rind of fresh oranges giving it a clean citrus aroma fit for children’s safety. It is featured on Rich Noonan’s “Best of the Best Television” as one of the most effective organic herbicides in the market. This non-selective herbicide is OMRI listed and WSDA certified organic so it is environmentally friendly and pet safe. This ready-to-use weed killer eliminates all unwanted vegetation and weeds without leaving stains on bricks, pavements, and concretes. It is a fast-acting herbicide that is best used along houses, sidewalks, play areas, driveways, and gardens. Aside from being powerful, it is also tested to be non-toxic and highly biodegradable. It is very much recommended for homeowners looking for an alternative to synthetic weed killers. Comes in a 24 oz bottle. 12 bottles in a case.

Active IngredientD-limonene (citrus oil) – 17.5 %
Target PestsSpurge, Sow Thistle, Shepherd’s Purse, Clover, Hairy Fleabane, Crabgrass, Smooth Crabgrass, Dandelion, Whitestem Filaree, Bermuda Grass, Bindweed, Johnson Grass, Common Mallow, and Little Mallow.
For Use InOutdoors
Pet SafeYes, if used as directed on label.
Special Features Fast-acting and organic.
Manufacturer Agrisel
EPA Registration92967-3


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this kill weeds on a gravel driveway?
Yes, it can be used on a gravel driveway following the instructions.
Can I use it on my lawn without killing the grass?
No. This is a non-selective herbicide.