Aqua Blue Select WSB™


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Sold in a case of ten 4oz Water Soluble Bags

Aqua Blue WSB Select™ is a simple and uncomplicated solution for coloring your pond or water feature. Simply toss in a pack and wait for the water-soluble pack to dissolve. The unique granular formulation disperses more quickly and more thoroughly than traditional powdered formulations. The dye is non-toxic to aquatic species, waterfowl, and pets, and the water is available for recreational activities or irrigation immediately after full dispersal.

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Prime Source’s Aqua Blue WSB Colorant helps in restoring the color of confined water systems like lakes, ponds, lagoons, and other controlled water systems and features that turned to dingy and hazy colors. It gives a tint to the water changing it back to its natural opalescent blue color. It is a non-toxic colorant that also limits sunlight penetration into the water. This colorant will not delay in any irrigation schedule or recreational activities. When used as directed, the Aqua Blue WSB Select will not stain clothing, concrete or composite, stone, and other aquatic features. This type of colorant typically dissolves in 3-5 minutes and can be reapplied every 2-4 weeks or when as needed. The Aqua Blue WSB Select is also available in liquid formulation.

Aqua Black WSB is up to 12 times more efficient than typical dyes. It is in a convenient, self-contained measuring bottle that will cause less mess. Also, it is non-toxic to aquatic species, waterfowl, pets, and the water is safe for recreational activity after dispersal.

  • Convenient 4 oz. water-soluble bags
  • Up to 12x more efficient than typical liquid dyes
  • No direct contact with dye means less mess
  • Non-toxic to aquatic species, waterfowl, and pets
  • Water-soluble bags dissolve in under 2 minutes
  • 1 pack treats up to 1 acre, up to 2 ft. in depth
  • Available in black and aqua blue


  • Lake and pond colorant
Active Ingredient Dye
Percentage Dye 90%
Formulation Water Soluble Bag
EPA Registration N/A; Food-grade components
Restricted Use None
Signal Word None
Application Rate 1 pack treats up to 1 acre 1 ft. in depth
Manufacturer Prime Source

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