Aqua Black Select WSB™


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Sold in a case of ten 4oz Water Soluble Bags

Aqua Black WSB Select™ is a simple and uncomplicated solution for coloring your pond or water feature. Simply toss in a pack and wait for the water-soluble pack to dissolve. The unique granular formulation disperses more quickly and more thoroughly than traditional powdered formulations. The dye is non-toxic to aquatic species, waterfowl, and pets, and the water is available for recreational activities or irrigation immediately after full dispersal.

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Detailed Description

  • Convenient 4 oz. water-soluble bags
  • Up to 12x more efficient than typical liquid dyes
  • No direct contact with dye means less mess
  • Non-toxic to aquatic species, waterfowl, and pets
  • Water-soluble bags dissolve in under 2 minutes
  • 1 pack treats up to 1 acre, up to 2 ft. in depth
  • Available in black and aqua blue


  • Lake and pond colorant
Active Ingredient Dye
Percentage Dye 90%
Formulation Water Soluble Bag
EPA Registration N/A; Food-grade components
Restricted Use None
Signal Word None
Application Rate 1 pack treats up to 1 acre 1 ft. in depth
Manufacturer Prime Source

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