HY-END Bifen ITP & S

Fire Ant Control that is: Effective and Convenient Easy to Use – No Measuring!

HY-END Bifen controls Fire Ants where applied in and around telecommunications, power, utilities, and railroad systems equipment.

The next generation of Fire Ant control is available in convenient 4 oz packaging. Individual packages are shipped and stored in user friendly, water proof buckets with 100 single application packets in each bucket. Hy-End Bifen is also available in a 64 oz. shaker can with 8 cans per case.


  • NaturChem’s HY-END Bifen is labeled to be used for Fire Ant Control in and around the following locations.
  • Buried cables
  • HVAC
  • Cable television pedestals
  • Pad-mounted electrical power transformers
  • Telephone cables
  • Underground vaults
  • Telecommunications equipment (boxes, closures, interfaces, pedestals, protectors and terminals)
  • Power and utilities equipment (camera housings, control panels, emergency light systems, fire alarm systems and lights/alarms)
  • Railroad systems equipment (breaker boxes, railroad signals, traffic control boxes and signals, and transformer pads)

* One 4oz packet covers 12” by 12” (1 sq. ft.)
* One shaker can covers up to 266 sq. ft.

Use Rates & Placement

HY-END Bifen Features Benefits
  • Active ingredient Bifenthrin controls a wide variety of insects including Fire Ants
  • Produces predictable/dependable results
  • Bifenthrin is especially effective on soil active insects
  • Ideal for fire ant control
  • Very low water solubility giving rise to longevity in the soil (is a standard for treatment of termites)
  • Longevity and dependability


Odorless active ingredient
  • Non corrosive and non-conductive
  • May be used in a variety of locations (refer to product label)


  • Re-sealable bucket with 100 single application packets in each bucket or a 64 oz. shaker can
  • Compact storage. Protection from damage and moisture. No measuring

For questions concerning HY-END Bifen or our other products and services please contact one of our product sales representatives.

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