Blended Products

Blended Herbicides are:

  • Accurate- Each drum is equipped with a micromatic valve that creates a Closed Loop System, which allows only the herbicides you prescribe to be applied within the labeled rates.
  • Convenient- Blended herbicides are ready to use- no mixing! NaturChem delivers and picks up your drums.
  • Environmentally Friendly- Eliminates the rinsing and disposing of smaller containers.
  • Safer for Employees- Lowers exposure for applicators.


  • Basal Bark & Dormant Stem
  • Cut Stump
  • Fence Lines & Guard Rails
  • Utility Right of Ways
  • Bareground
  • Roadsides
  • Railroads

Why use NaturChem Blends?
Value! Employee Safety! Accuracy! Convenience! Environmentally Friendly! Increase Productivity!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are blended herbicides?
Blended herbicides are a combination of 1-3 herbicides, a surfactant and dye (optional).

How is that different from us mixing our chemicals?
NaturChem blends the herbicides in accordance to the necessary prescribed formula to kill your targeted weed species, resulting in just the correct amount of herbicide being applied each and every time.

Do we have to mix herbicides on site?
Blended herbicides come in 2 formats: ready to use and just add water.

What do I do with the drums when I am done?
Our blends come in 15 gallon returnable-refillable drums. NaturChem delivers and picks up the empty drums.

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