Other Services

Routine Maintenance
ECO Group provides a consistent maintenance program. This is the best way to guarantee the proper functioning of a storm water system. ECO Group’s maintenance program contains the following components.

  • Inspection/Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management
  • Slope, Outlet/Inlet Stabilization
  • Sediment/Pollution Removal
  • Wildlife/Insect Control

Sediment and Erosion Control
Stormwater runoff is the leading cause of impaired water. ECO Group offers sediment and erosion control for natural erosion (such as erosion along shorelines and stream channels), as well as control for accelerated erosion (such as erosion occurring at an increased rate due to construction or agricultural activities). Accelerated Erosion accounts for 70% of all sediment in the United States. We offer the following Best Management Practices (BMP’s) in our service capabilities.

  • Silt Fence Installation
  • Hydro-seeding
  • Sediment Tubes/Straw Wattles
  • ECB Installation
  • TRM Installation
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Creek Bank Restoration
  • Water Quality Testing
  • SWPPP Inspections

Audit & Consultation
ECO Group offers audit and consultation services to ensure your stormwater facilities are in line with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The NPDES was created in 1972 under the Clean Water Act. It is responsible for controlling and regulating point sources of discharge of pollutants to water sources. The main goal being to maintain, protect, and restore water quality. ECO Group performs the audit

inspections using NPDES guidelines and will consult clients with all observations made and give suggestions as to a plan of action. This plan may consist of a maintenance program and/or repairs. Our number one goal is to attain and maintain compliance for our customers.

Bio-retention is an up-land water quality and quantity control practice which uses the chemical biological and physical properties of plants, microdes, and soils for removal of pollutants from storm water runoff. Some of the processes that may take place in a bio-retention facility include: sedimentation, absorption, filtration, decomposition, and storage capacity. Bio-Retintion facilities can be distributed across a development site which can result in smaller and more manageable subwatersheds to aid in controlling runoff close to the source from where it is generated. ECO Group can provide complete analysis,support, installation and maintenance of Bio-Retention systems for our clients.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Vegetative Plantings