Rom Kellis III

A Note From the Owner

Rom Kellis III

Welcome to NaturChem! Our aim is “Using chemistry in harmony with nature.” In order to do this we need quality customers that desire environmentally sound, technically precise and safe herbicide applications. Our customers trust NaturChem to deliver these results. This trust demands responsible application prescriptions and quality delivery processes. We give our all in this pursuit. I trust you will find us knowledgeable, honest and heartily engaged in this endeavor.

Our customers are the finest sort of people. They are routinely involved in the pragmatic task of controlling vegetation and tend to be what I call “the salt of the earth.” These men and women work for the biggest and best companies in the world. They include many major oil and gas companies, shipping and rail companies and a large variety of small and large utilities. We work for counties and states and the Federal government. We work for private individuals, especially those with large land holdings. Our aim is to expand our services to our present customers and also find new ones we can serve well. Perhaps that is you.

We believe everyone should win. We believe this includes our customers, our neighbors, our employees, our environment, and NaturChem. This is the Bull’s eye: That all should win. Our customers make this happen by allowing NaturChem the opportunity to meet their needs. I trust we can behave in such a way you will allow NaturChem the opportunity to serve you.

Rom Kellis III
President / Owner

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