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Industrial Solutions for
Vegetation Management

NaturChem is a leader in the vegetation management industry, bringing the latest technology and chemistry to a wide array of markets. We serve the electric, railroad, telephone, chemical, manufacturing, forestry and many other commercial market segments. Our services are also provided to all levels of government including Federal, State, County and Municipal entities. The services provided by NaturChem enable our customers to operate more cost effectively, keep their employees and the public safe, and comply with local, state and Federal regulations. We believe NaturChem provides the very highest quality service in the industry while providing a uniquely broad base of services.

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Helpful Articles & Answers

USA TODAY: Cities slap fees on storm runoff
New environmental regulations are prompting cities to impose fees on property owners for the cost of managing storm water runoff, the leading cause of water pollution in most of the nation…

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My track is clear of weeds and grass in January. Why should I spray at that time?

The pre-emergent herbicide is maximally effective if applied before weeds and grasses are above ground.

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What is an example of an invasive exotic plant?
Kudzu, cogon grass, tropical soda apple, Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, coral ardisia, Lygodium sp. (climbing fern), mimosa and the list goes on and on.

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